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Website Assistance

My Account Overview

As a registered user, you'll have access to manage your account plus the use of time-saving tools. Watch this video to learn the ins and outs. Click here to read the full Account Menu guide.

Internet Explorer Help

Help for IE Users

If you are using IE 11, you could be experiencing compatibility issues. To have the best user experience, we recommend using Google Chrome or another modern browser. Learn more here.

Register Video

How to Register

Get started using the new with an account for quick and easy ordering, shipping tracking and repurchasing. Click here for the How To Register Guide and Registration FAQs.

Customer Part Number Video

Adding Customer Part Numbers

Adding your part numbers to ours is a quick and easy way to find and order the parts you need. You can add your parts manually, or we can upload them in bulk. 

Learn more about customer part numbers here.

My Saved Lists Video

My Saved Lists

Another helpful feature on the website is the ability to save lists. This allows you to create a group of stored items for any purpose. 

Learn how to use My Saved Lists.

User Roles Video

User Roles

For greater control over user purchasing ability within an organization, Cooney Brothers offers three levels of access for users: Administrative Users, Authorized Purchasing Agents, and General Users. See an overview of what each role can do.

Managing Users as an Admin Video

Managing Users as an Admin User

The Administrative User (aka Super User) has the highest level of access, and can add, edit and disable other users within their organization. Learn how to manage users.

Cart Approvals Video

Cart Approvals for General Users

Since General Users are not permitted to checkout on the website, to make a purchase they must submit their cart for approval. Learn how to approve their carts.

Obtain an Invoice Copy Video

Obtain an Invoice

Registered users can access invoices via the account inquiry screen where it can be easily viewed and printed. Learn where to obtain an invoice copy.

Track an Order Video

Track Orders

When registered, you can quickly access order status and track shipments. Learn where to obtain tracking information.

My Saved Carts Video

My Saved Carts

Create carts on the website that you can save for later use, share with a colleague or even send outside your organization. Learn the ins and outs of Saved Carts.

Filter and Compare Video

Filter & Compare

Find the exact item you need by filtering on category, brand, and product attributes. Use the compare tool to see up to 5 products side-by-side. Learn how to use Filters and the Compare Tool.

How To Re-order Video

Re-Order from History

Re-order any item you've purchased within the past two years, even if you can't find it on the website. Learn how to re-order items from history.

Quick Order Feature

Save time by quickly keying in your items and qty to place orders. Our quick order feature even accepts uploads from excel.