Cooney Brothers



Full-Service Fabrication Shop

Custom Fabricated Piping Products

We've mastered full-service fabrication. At Cooney Brothers, we maintain a full service fabrication shop that offers custom engineering of specialty products, piping components, and other accessories. These services include:

  • Quality corrugated flexible hose assemblies, spool pieces, manifolds, headers, vented receivers and much more, built to customer specs.
  • Full service pipe cutting, grooving and threading capabilities.
  • Cut pipe and make nipples to any specification.

Cooney Brothers builds the following custom fabricated products in house:

Custom Fabrication Spool Piece

  • Custom Hoses, including pump connectors, vibration eliminators, or general purpose flex hoses
  • Diameters from 1/4" through 12"
  • Produced in bronze and stainless steel to the exact required length
  • Any end configurations, including: flanged, threaded, socket weld, butt weld, union, swivel, cam and groove, and copper sweat
  • Duplex assemblies for steam jacketing
  • Custom Spool Pieces built to your exact specs
  • Manifolds and Headers, custom made in virtually any configuration
  • Vented Receivers or tanks used for storage of various fluids (typical requirements are for carbon steel "Pipe Receivers," for use with non-electric and electric condensate return pumps
  • Other miscellaneous welding requirements

A major university had to replace Fire Department Connection (FDC) signs at over 100 buildings around campus. Cooney worked with Accuform to design and produce custom glow-in-the-dark signs, each one with the building name, address, and a unique sequential number. The number was recorded by Campus Security and the local Fire Department. Cooney completed the solution by designing a custom post-mounting assembly that was produced in our in-house Fabrication Shop.

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