Cooney Brothers



Light Assembly And Packaging

Custom Kits & Packaging of Fittings and Valve Sub-Assemblies and Accessories

Cooney Manufacturing is a division of Cooney Brothers, specializing in procurement, assembly and custom packaging of piping sub-assemblies and accessory kits for Original Equipment Manufacturers and other industrial/commercial customers who utilize valves, fittings and related accessories. We allow you to free up valuable manufacturing resources and focus on your core competencies.

    We can save you:

  • Hours in handling, storage and assembly of piping components
  • Valuable manufacturing and warehouse capacity
  • Costly purchase orders just to obtain the components required to build or enhance your product

Sub Assemblies of Pipe Valves and Fittings


Precise assembly of valves, fittings, and accessories. We have the facilities and expertise to make sure your products are properly warehoused, processed, and assembled to your exact specifications. We have the quality processes in place to produce to FM and UL standards. Learn more about our sub-assembly services.

Kitting: examples of our work


Use our kitting expertise to package boxed kits to bagged components for delivery to an assembly line or directly to your end-use customer. Learn more about our kitting services.

private labeling services

Packaging & Labeling

We offer all aspects of custom packaging, including reproduction of labels and manuals, carton labeling, shrink wrap, and access to a multitude of products and components at competitive market prices. Learn more about our packaging and labeling services.