Cooney Brothers



Steam Applications


With engineering, hands-on diagnostic assistance and educational programs we apply our expertise to help improve the efficiency of steam systems and equipment.

Steam Trap Surveys

We offer Steam Trap Surveys to locate all steam traps within a steam user's facility, and identify, tag, and test them using an ultrasonic device. As a customer, you receive a complete report including recommendations for the replacement of failed or misapplied steam traps. We provide cost-savings data showing you how proper replacement will solve problems (such as fuel losses from failed traps) and deliver significant savings.

Steam Traps Audits

Steam Trap Audits focus on all steam-using equipment, such as heat exchangers, jacketed kettles, humidifiers, etc. The objective is to assess the performance of the local steam system, to determine if greater efficiency can be achieved either by re-configuring, repairing, or replacing components within the system.

Steam Utilization Training

We provide on-site and off-site Steam Utilization Training - customized to your needs, ranging from a couple hours to all-day. Seminars are targeted to educate steam users on more efficiently managing steam systems, resulting in increased production and significant savings. Sessions generally cover fundamental principles of steam, and progress to effective sizing, selection and use of steam system equipment and components. Off-site seminars often include the use of a "steam demo lab" where actual plant conditions are simulated.