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Product Selection Guides

Product selection guides for Viega, Spirax Sarco, Gruvlok, Kunkle, and more

Viega Press Selection Guide

Viega Press System Selection Guide

Learn more about each Viega ProPress system and how you could save valuable time and money, all while increasing safety. Visit our Viega Press Selection Guide.

Steam Trap Info & Selection

Viega Press System Selection Guide

See the advantages and disadvantages of Thermostatic, Mechanical and Thermodynamic Steam Traps to determine which is best for you needs. How Steam Traps Work.

See the first choice and second choice Steam Trap to use in your specific application, from hospitals to process equipment and more. Steam Trap Selection Guide.

Spirax Sarco Spare Part Guides - PRVs

Spriax Sarco Spare Parts Guide

Use interactive guides to determine which spare parts you need for Spirax Sarco Valves and Pilots, including the 25P Series, BRV2S Series, SRV2S Series, and more. View Spare Parts Diagrams here.

Kunkle safety relief Valve Selection Guide

Kunkle Valve Selection Guide

Get the technical information you need in order to find the ideal Kunkle Relief Valve for your application.
See Kunkle Safety Relief Valve Selection Guides.

Gruvlok Product Guides

Gruvlok Product Resources

Use our product cross reference guides to find Gruvlok replacement parts for Victaulic productsView Victaulic Cross Reference here.

Steam Boilers: The Inside Story

Spirax Sarco Steam Boiler Video

Spirax Sarco sheds light on the inner world of boiler operations in this insightful video series.
Watch the video here.

Blue Monster Tape Installation

Blue Monster How To Videos

Learn how to make a secure seal in seconds using Blue Monster Compression Seal Tape.
Watch the video here.