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How Steam Traps Work

Steam Trap Types and Applications

Mechanical Steam Trap Types

Mechanical steam traps rely on the difference in density between steam and condensate in order to operate. They can continuously pass large volumes of condensate and are suitable for a wide range of process applications. Types include Float & Thermostatic (also known as F&T Steam Traps as well as Ball Float) and inverted bucket steam traps.

Thermodynamic Steam Trap Types

Thermodynamic steam traps have a unique operating principle which relies on the dynamics of water and flash steam. They are simple, robust and reliable and can operate up to very high temperatures and pressures.

Thermostatic Steam Trap Types

Thermostatic traps operate in response to the surrounding steam temperature. The operation and benefits of 3 different types are considered here - liquid expansion traps, bimetallic and balanced pressure thermostatic traps.

Steam Trap resources courtesy of Spirax Sarco