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Spirax Sarco APT14 Pump Traps Spotlight

Posted on Thursday, Aug 26, 2021 in PVFundamentals
Spotlight on: Spirax Sarco APT14 Pump Trap

Our Comprehensive Guide to the Spirax Sarco APT14 Pump Trap

You've heard of pumps.  You've heard of steam traps.  But what is a Pump Trap?  The unit is capable of automatically trapping or pumping, depending on pipeline conditions. The unit is operated by steam (recommended for use with motive steam only) and is used to remove condensate from the process plant under all operating conditions including vacuum. Simply put, the Spirax Sarco APT14 Pump Trap automates condensate management.

How does the APT14 Pump Trap work?

The APT14 Pump Trap operates on a positive displacement principle. Watch the video below for an animated overview of its operation.

Below is a more detailed description of the APT14 Pump Trap’s Operation as described in the Spirax Sarco APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC Automatic Pump Traps Installation Manual and Maintenance Instructions.

Image Description

The APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC automatic pump trap operates on a positive displacement principle. Condensate enters the body through the inlet swing check valve causing the float to rise. The float is connected to the trap mechanism via a multi-link pivot. If the upstream system pressure PS is sufficient to overcome the backpressure PB, the build up of condensate will be discharged through the opening two stage trap mechanism. In this way, the float will automatically modulate according to the rate of condensate entering the unit, controlling the rate of opening and closure of the trap.

With some temperature controlled equipment, it is possible for the system pressure PS to be lower than the backpressure at PB . If this occurs a standard trap will stall allowing the condensate to flood the equipment being drained.

However, with the APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC, the condensate simply fills the main chamber - lifting the float until the changeover linkage is engaged, opening the motive inlet and closing the exhaust valve.

The snap action mechanism ensures a rapid change from the trapping mode to the active pumping mode. With the motive inlet valve open, the pressure in the APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC increases above the total backpressure and the condensate is forced out through the trap seat into the plant’s return system.

As the condensate level falls within the main chamber, the float re-engages the change over linkage, causing the motive inlet to close and the exhaust valve to open.

As the pressure inside the APT14 equalizes with the condensate inlet pressure through the open exhaust valve, condensate re-enters via the inlet swing check valve. At the same time the outlet ball check valve (APT14 only) ensures no condensate can drain back into the main chamber and the trapping or pumping cycle begins again.
Note: The APT14HC and APT14SHC requires an external Spirax Sarco DN40 disc check valve to be fitted to the condensate outlet, between the flanges.

What options are available for Spirax Sarco APT14 Pump Trap specifications?

Spirax Sarco makes 3 models of the APT14 Pump Trap:

  • APT14 is made with a SG Iron body and cover
  • APT14HC is the High Capacity version of the original APT14 version, with a SG Iron body and cover
  • APT14SHC is also a High Capacity version, but made with a Carbon Steel cover and body

APT14 is available with Flanged or Screwed pipe connections, with a 1-½” Inlet and 1” outlet, while the HC versions are only available with Flanged connections, with a 2” inlet and 1-½” outlet.

Model Body Material Pipe Connection Inlet Size Outlet Size View Pricing and Availability
APT14 SG Iron Flanged 1-1/2" Inlet 1" Outlet Spirax Sarco 6120362
APT14 SG Iron NPT 1-1/2" Inlet 1" Outlet Spirax Sarco 6120390
APT14HC SG Iron Flanged 2" Inlet 1-1/2" Outlet Spirax Sarco 6120461
APT14SHC Carbon Steel Flanged 2" Inlet 1-1/2" Outlet Spirax Sarco 6120661

Both the APT14 and APT14HC are available with the body and cover coated with electroless nickel plate (ENP). Both the original and HC versions have a maximum motive inlet pressure of 200 psig (13.8 bar g) and are designed for an operational ambient temperature range of 14°F to 392°F (-10°C to 200°C.)  The APT14 offers a pump discharge cycle of 1.3 gallons (5 liters) with an average steam consumption of 13.2 lb/hr (6.0 kg/hr), while the HC versions, APT14HC and APT14SHC, offers a pump discharge cycle of 2.1 gallons (8 liters) with an average steam consumption of 17.6 lb/hr (8.0 kg/hr).

For complete technical information, including Pressure and Temperature Limits, Nominal capacities, and more, download the Spirax Sarco APT14, APT14HC and APT14SHC Automatic Pump Traps Specification Sheet.

Are there APT14 Spare Parts available?

Yes, there are a variety of spare parts and complete assembly kits for APT14 Pump Traps.  Please see the descriptions below to find the APT14 spare part or parts that meet your needs. Additionally, Spirax Sarco also offers accessories for their APT14 Pump traps including Gauge Glass.

Product image Spare part or accessory description Link to specs, pricing and availability 
Spirax Sarco APT14 Cover Assembly Kit APT14 Spare Part A: The Cover Assembly Kit includes the Cover Assembly, Cover Gasket, Inlet Check Valve, Spring and Actuator Arm, Floats, Trap and outlet check valve mechanism, and Inlet/exhaust valve and seat kit.  APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120287
APT14HC: Spirax Sarco 6120583
APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120387
Spirax Sarco APT14 Cover Gasket APT14 Spare Part B: Cover Gasket (Graphite laminated with stainless steel insert) APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120284
APT14HC: Spirax Sarco 6120490
APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120690
Spirax Sarco APT14 Inlet Check Valve APT14 Spare Part C: Inlet Check Valve (includes cover gasket and Flap for the inlet check valve)   APT14, APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120283
Spirax Sarco APT14 Spring and Actuator Arm APT14 Spare Part D: Spring and actuator arm (includes cover gasket) APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120286
APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120486
Spirax Sarco APT14 Floats APT14 Spare Part E: Floats (includes cover gasket, pump lever, float, and trap lever) APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120285
APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120487
Spirax Sarco APT14 Outlet Check Valve APT14 Spare Part F: Trap and outlet check valve mechanism (includes cover gasket, Trap 2nd stage valve, Trap housing, Ball (APT14 only), Trap housing bolt, Trap 1st stage valve, and 'O' ring. APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120281
APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120488
Spirax Sarco APT14 Inlet/Exhaust Valve APT14 Spare Part G: Inlet/exhaust valve and seat kit (includes cover gasket, exhaust seat, Inlet valve and seat assembly, exhaust valve, valve seat gasket, and inlet valve spring) APT14: Spirax Sarco 6120282
APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120485
Spirax Sarco APT14 Motive Strainer Screen APT14 Spare Part H: Motive Strainer 100 mesh strainer screen and cap gasket for the Fig 12/14 strainer (see IM-S60-17) Contact us
Spirax Sarco DCV10 Outlet Check Valve DCV10 outlet check valve for the APT14HC and APT14SHC only (see IM-P601-32) APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6018200  
Spirax Sarco Gauge Glass APT14 Accessory: Gauge Glass APT14: Spirax Sarco 74477
APT14HC, APT14SHC: Spirax Sarco 6120447
APT14HC (with packing): Spirax Sarco 74577  
Spirax Sarco APT14 Insulation Cover APT14 Accessory: Insulation Cover APT14: Spirax Sarco 71039
APT14HC: Spirax Sarco 74002 

As an authorized distributor of Spirax Sarco, Cooney Brothers stocks a wide variety of APT14 Pump Traps, Spare Parts, and accessories. Shop nearly 6000 Spirax Sarco products on our website or Contact us for engineered steam solutions.