Re-Ordering from History

Did you know you can re-order any item you've purchased within the past two years on the website? Watch this video to learn where to go and what to expect.

Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Cooney Brothers How To Video Series. In this video we will cover how to Re-Order items on the website.

The Cooney Brothers website allows you to order items you've purchased within the last two years, whether through the website or your sales representative.

After logging in, navigate to the Order History option from the My Account Drop Down menu in the upper right corner of the screen. You will see the Invoice number, ship date, PO#, amount, tracking number (if shipped via UPS) and a link to View/Print Invoice.

By default, you will see your 10 more recent completed orders. There are controls at the top of each page to make finding the order you need easier. You can adjust the number of orders shown per page, and you can also use the search box in the upper left. This function will search the order number and your PO number.

To show the item detail of individual orders, click on the red plus sign or the red order number in the left column. You can expand multiple orders simultaneously.

To select an item to re-order, click the check box under the re-order column in the far right. You can select items from multiple orders. Once ready, hit the green re-order button found on both the top and bottom of the right column. This will take you to the re-order cart page, where you can adjust the quantity you wish to re-order.

At this point it is important to mention there are 3 possibilities that can occur next, depending upon which types of items you may be re-ordering.

1. All the items are listed for sale on the website.

If all the items are listed for sale on the website, the pricing shown in the re-order cart is current. After adjusting your quantities, hit the Add to Cart button. The items will be added into main Cart from which you can continue shopping or checkout.

2.The items are not listed for sale on the website.

While Cooney Brothers is continually adding products to the website, not every item we've sold is available for public purchase. If you can't find an item on the site that you've ordered in the past two years, you can re-order it through the Order History section.

For these items the pricing shown in the re-order cart is last price you paid. After adjusting your quantities, and adding any necessary line item comments, hit the Request Re-Order button. You will be taken to the Re-Order Checkout Form. Simply fill out the fields and hit the Submit Re-Order Request button. You will receive a confirmation email, and a member of the Cooney Brothers sales team will get back to you shortly with updated pricing.

3. Some of the items are listed for sale, while others are not.

In this situation, you will notice that there are two sections within the Re-order cart. The items in the top section are shown with current pricing. The items in the bottom section labeled "additional items" are shown with your last purchase price. At this time, you should adjust the quantities and if needed, add the line item comments to the 'additional items.' Once ready, click the 'add to cart' button. At this point you can continue shopping or proceed to checkout. Once your order is received, a member of the Cooney Brothers sales team will get back to you shortly with updated pricing for the additional items. Once you approve, they will be added to your open order.

Re-order functionality is also available from the Open Bid and Open Orders sections of the My Account menu.

Thank you for watching our Re-Order video.

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