Using Filters & the Compare Tool Video


Find the exact item you need by fitering on product category, manufacturer, by product attributes. Plus use the Compare Tool to see product attributes side-by-side on up to 5 products. Watch the video above to learn how to use Filters and Compare. 

Video Transcript (includes key screenshots)

Hello and welcome to the Cooney Brothers How To Video Series. In this video we will cover how to use the Filter function on the website to find the exact product that meets your needs.

On the home page and the Shop All Products page, you will find a list of all the top level product categories available on the website.

Homepage Products

After selecting one, you will be presented with a second level of categories from which you can narrow your product, as well as a list of filters on the left side. From there you can narrow down by Brand or Manufacturer, as well as product categories.

L1 Filters

When you get to the lowest category level, you will be presented with attributes for filtering. Depending on product, these can include things like Size, material, connection type, fitting type, and measuring range.

L3 Attribute Filters

Let's walk through an example:

Jennifer is a buyer for Quality Manufacturing Corp. Her maintenance manager asked her to buy a 1/2 inch brass ball valve but didn't give her any additional information. Upon arriving on the website, she selected the Valve & Actuators product category, and then clicked on the Ball Valve category, where she is presented with 475 results! From here, Jennifer can start to drilling down using the Filters found on the left side. She first chooses to filter on Body material, selecting brass.

Filter Attribute Brass

This narrows her results down to 53, and then Size as 1/2 in which narrows her results down to 5!

Filter Attribute Size

At this point, she can look at the short deceptions provided to or use the Compare Tool to look ALL the attributes of the three items side by side.


After selecting the check boxes and hitting the Compare button, she is presented with a list highlighting the differences among the items. Immediately, she can see the differences between them: Two are Lead Free and there are end style options of Threaded (FNPT), Press, or Solder.

Comparison Chart

She makes a quick call to the maintenance manager who tells her to buy the Lead-Free Threaded valve.

Filtering is a quick and easy way to find the exact product you need. Thank you for watching our How To Filter Video.


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