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Steam Trap Surveys

Regular surveys maintain steam trap effectiveness 

To run a steam system safely, and at peak operational efficiency, it is essential all steam lines are cleared of condensate properly with fully operational steam traps.

A Steam Trap Survey, conducted at least annually and preferably every six months, in conjunction with a maintenance program, is the best way to maximize energy efficiency and minimize system downtime.

Don’t let being short staffed or other projects prevent you from performing this function. Your steam system could literally be leaking away thousands of dollars. Contact Cooney Brothers to perform a Steam Trap survey for you.  Our steam trap surveys are done in conjunction with Spirax Sarco, a world-wide leader in steam engineered solutions. 

Steam Trap Survey
Steam Trap Testing


Each survey is designed to meet your plant’s unique needs and includes a detailed inspection of your steam traps encompassing: 

  • Locating and identifying all accessible steam traps in your facility. 
  • Tagging of all steam traps with stainless steel tags or other durable material.
  • Testing of of all steam traps while in operation using ultrasonic leak detection equipment and infrared thermometers 

This process includes the inspection of each steam trap to determine that it is the right type for the application as well as checking if it is correctly installed. During the survey itself, we’ll discuss standardization of the steam trap types and technology. This can provide the opportunity to save on future labor costs, as well as a reduction of the number and types of spare parts necessary to have on hand. 

Your Steam Trap Survey Report includes:

  • A Statistical report of the traps surveyed, with steam losses and pressures.
  • Report of all failed steam traps at the site. 
  • Report of costs of failed traps.
  • Report of all ‘failed closed’ or ‘isolated closed’ steam traps at the site.
  • Report of all misapplied or incorrectly installed steam traps at the site.
  • Inventory report of all steam traps broken down by operating unit.
  • Report of recommended replacement traps.
  • Identification of other critical issues relevant to your steam and condensate system.
  • Total Cost of Ownership reports based on cost of steam, trap population, and recorded results from the survey.

Overall, you will see the cost of steam losses based on your current operating costs/conditions as well as the potential return on investment for complete rectification work. The Spirax Sarco survey software can also provide a wealth of additional information, including a recommended maintenance schedule, calculations of CO2 emissions, and cost of leaks from associated equipment.