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Viega MegaPress Green vs Yellow Dot

Posted on Tuesday, Jul 13, 2021 in PVFundamentals

Guide to Viega Dot Colors

The Viega ProPress System has revolutionized the way tube and pipe are joined - reducing connection time to 7 seconds or less and eliminating the need for burn permits and fire watches. As this method continues to grow in popularity, we receive many questions about proper use. As an authorized Viega distributor, one of the most common questions we are asked by customers is: What do the colored dots mean on the fittings? What are the MegaPress green vs yellow vs white dots?

The dots they’re referring to are the colored circles found on the press ends of each ProPress and MegaPress fitting. These dots are a quick, visible indication of which sealing element is used with Viega’s patented Smart Connect technology.

  • ProPress or MegaPress Green dot indicates an EPDM sealing element
  • ProPress or MegaPress Yellow dot indicates an HNBR sealing element
  • ProPress or MegaPress White dot  indicates an FKM sealing element

Each sealing element has specific characteristics, which in combination with the materials used, whether copper/bronze, stainless steel or carbon steel, will determine which is best for your specific application.

  • EPDM sealing elements, when used, are indicated by a green dot. EPDM temperature ranges are typically 0°F to 250°F. EPDM is the standard sealing element for most ProPress and MegaPress fittings, and can be found in ProPress Copper, MegaPress Stainless 316, and MegaPress Carbon Steel fittings.
  • HNBR sealing elements, when used, are indicated by a yellow dot. HNBR offers the lowest temperature, with a range of typically -40°F to 180°F. MegaPressG fittings, used for gas and oil, are only available with a HNBR seal.
  • FKM sealing elements, when used, are indicated by a white dot. FKM has the highest temperature range, typically 14°F up to 284°F, with temperature spikes (24hr) up to 356°F. MegaPress Stainless 304 is only available with a FKM seal, but is also available with ProPress Copper, MegaPress Stainless 316, and MegaPress Carbon Steel fittings.

For a full list of recommendations for each product line, material, and sealing element for a wide range of applications, visit Viega Approved Applications Chart.

As an authorized distributor of Viega, Cooney Brothers stocks a wide variety of fittings for ProPress Copper, ProPress Stainless, MegaPress Stainless, and MegaPress Carbon Steel.  Shop over 1100 Viega products, ProPress Fittings and MegaPress Fittings, on our website or learn more about the Viega press methods here. Please contact us with any questions.