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The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas: Day 7, Trerice Pressure Gauges

Posted on Friday, Dec 13, 2019 in PVFundamentals
Cooney Christmas Day 7 Pressure Gauges

As we count down the days to Christmas, we’ve re-imagined the classic 12 Days of Christmas song! Check back Monday, December 16th for a new verse of our updated song.

The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas

On the seventh day of Christmas Cooney Brothers sold to me

Seven Pressure Gauges

Six Clamp End Fittings

Five Urinals

Four Bronze Ball Valves

Three lengths of pipe

Two RIDGID Wrenches, and

A pump for condensate recovery

Pressure Gauge Selection Guide

In order to properly select a pressure gauge, you should evaluate the unique conditions within your environment, from the media you process, to your connection and mounting requirements. Use these criteria below as a general guideline for selecting the appropriate pressure gauge:

Ensure the wetted parts of the pressure gauge are compatible with your process media. If the wetted parts of the pressure gauge, the tube and socket, are not compatible with the process media, corrosion will eventually cause the gauge to fail, and even possibly cause safety issues. If your gauge material is not compatible, or if the process fluid being monitored is especially corrosive or viscous, a protective device called a diaphragm, can be implemented to isolate the pressure sensing instrument.

In addition to the connection compatibility, you should also take into account how your environment could affect the gauge’s performance. Environmental considerations include temperature, air-borne particulate, condensation, humidity, water and chemical exposure. Make sure the gauge's case and lens materials meet your unique environmental conditions.

You will also want to consider where the gauge will be placed. Select a dial size that you’ll be able to read, and also consider any space limitations that may affect the connection location. Most gauges are mounted via a lower steam mount or back, panel mount, however other options are available.

Finally, determine what degree of accuracy is needed for your application. Accuracy is defined as a percentage of the full-scale range of the gauge and range from 0.25% for test gauges, 0.5% for critical processes, and 1.0% and even higher for general industrial processes.

Remember not to overlook your connection type and size (most commonly found are ¼ in and ½ in NPT threaded connections), and the units in which your pressure will be measured (psi, psi/kPa, h2o, etc.).

H.O. Trerice, a leading manufacturer of high-quality gauges and instrumentation products, offers the right pressure gauge for any application.

Trerice Process Gauges are designed for use in petrochemical, pharmaceutical and other process industries. The Trerice 450 series gauges feature solid front, blow-out back type cases made from polypropylene, and are available dry or field liquid-fillable.

Trerice Industrial Pressure Gauges provide the accuracy and durability required in industrial applications and are available in a broad range of case materials, sizes, wetted materials and connections. Trerice 700 Series Gauge and D80 Series Gauges feature stainless steel case construction and are hermetically sealed for field liquid filling.

Trerice Commercial Pressure Gauges are the most specified HVAC/R gauges in the construction industry. Trerice 620B Series Commercial Pressure Gauges are accurate to 1% full-scale and come with corrosion resistant stainless steel case.

Trerice Utility Gauges are designed for repeatable performance at an economical cost. The 800B series is useful for any situation requiring general pressure indication and is available in dial sizes from 1.5” – 4” in bottom and back connections.

Trerice also manufacturers specialty gauges designed to meet the needs of specialized industrial markets, including, sanitary, remote reading applications, and low-pressure gas, such as the 760B series which employs a diaphragm capsule sensing element to measure extreme low pressure.

To enhance their gauges, Trerice offers a complete line of gauge accessories including: syphonspressure snubbers, needle valves, and gauge cocks.

Cooney Brothers is proud to be an authorized distributor for H.O. Trerice. Shop Trerice gauges and products here or contact us for a quote.