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How often should Spirax Sarco CSF16 Steam Filter Elements be replaced?

Posted on Monday, Jul 27, 2020 in PVFundamentals
Spirax Sarco CSF16 Filters

Our Comprehensive Guide to Spirax Sarco CSF16 Filters

Filters are an important part of every steam system. Within the food and beverage industry, filters play a major role in reducing contaminates from reaching your product. Spirax Sarco offers a line of Culinary Steam Filters and Filter Stations specially designed for use in food and beverage plants.

Spriax Sarco CSF16 Steam Filters are horizontal, in-line high efficiency filters used to remove contaminate particles from steam systems. The CSF16 Filter housing is made from 316L stainless steel, and is available with NPT (1/2” to 2”) and ASME 150 flanged (2-1/2” to 8”) end connections. Other sizes and end connection types are available upon request. The filter housings are constructed in two halves, ½" to 3" are joined by a food industry fittings, while 4" to 8” are joined by bolts and nuts. Replaceable elements in sintered austenitic stainless steel are available with either 1 or 5 micron absolute rating.

What standards and approvals do CSF16 Filters meet?

There are two types of filter elements available for CSF16: 1 micron and 5 micron.

When fitted with a 5 micron element, CSF16 filters are capable of removing 95% of particles 2 microns and larger in size, meeting 3A requirements for production of culinary. CSF Filters also are acceptable for use in USDA inspected meat and poultry plants and meet the requirements as stipulated by US FDA Regulations.

According to the CSF16 Stainless Steel Steam Filters Technical Information Sheet, "in steam and gas service, 100% of particles larger than the pore size chosen will be retained by the element. Note that the 1 micron element has an efficiency of 99.7% based on 0.2 micron particles. Selecting a pore size smaller than required will result in reduced service life and higher pressure drop. The CSF16 elements can be cleaned by immersion in dilute hydrochloric acid, ultrasonic bath, clean water, or air, depending on the type of contamination. However, once the pressure drop across the filter (even after cleaning) reaches 0.7 bar the element should be replaced. Note: We strongly recommend that a spare filter element set is carried in stock."

What spare parts available for CSF16 Filters?

Spirax Sarco offers critical spare parts for their CSF16 and CSF16T Stainless Steel Steam Filters:

  • The CSF16-S Filter Element Kit includes a replacement filter and 2 EPM Element Seals
  • The CSF16 Seal Kit includes a replacement housing seal along with a set of element seals that differ based on the filter unit size (see chart below):
1/2 in - 3 in 1 2
4 in 1 6
6 in 1 12
8 in 1 20

How often should Spirax Sarco CSF16 filter elements be replaced?

Although the filter housing has a long service life, the filter element requires replacement. In order to ensure the appropriate quality of steam is supplied, the filter element removes and retains unwanted contamination. In time, the filter element will become saturated and need to be replaced prior to the end of its service life.

Spirax Sarco CSF16 filter elements should be replaced when one of the three conditions have been met:

  • If the differential pressure drop across the filter is 10 – 14 psig. (This assumes pressure gauges are fitted either side of the filter.
  • When the steam tested downstream of the filter contains particles.
  • Your filter element is 2 years old.

To minimize downtime, Spirax Sarco recommends that a spare filter element set is ordered at the same time as the CSF16 Filter housing.

Cooney Brothers is a Spirax Sarco authorized distributor. As one of their largest stocking distributors in the US, we carry CSF16 Filter Housings and CSF16 replacement elements and seals. Please contact us with any questions.