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Spotlight on: Apollo 76-100 Series Ball Valves

Posted on Monday, Jan 29, 2024 in PVFundamentals

Comprehensive Guide to Apollo 76-100 Series Ball Valves

Spotlight on: Apollo 76-100 Series Ball Valves

Apollo is one of the most well-known and trusted names in the valve industry. Founded as Consolidated Brass Company, later called Conbraco, in 1928, the company was purchased by Aalberts in 2010. Today the Apollo brand includes ball valves, butterfly valves, safety relief valves, backflow preventers, and more.

What are Apollo 76-100 Ball Valves?

Apollo 76-100 series ball valves have a stainless steel body with female threaded NPT end connections. These two-piece ball valves are available in sizes ¼” to 3”, and come with reinforced seats, an adjustable packing gland, a blowout-proof stem, and a stainless steel lever and nut. Apollo 76-100 ball valves also include a mounting pad for easy mounting of an actuator.

All sizes are rated for 150 psig saturated steam, however, have different ratings for cold working pressure (CWP)

  • Sizes ¼” to 1” - 2000 psig
  • Sizes 1-¼”, 1-½” and 2” - 1500 psig
  • Sizes 2-½” and 3” - 1000 psig

There is an option available to take the saturated steam rating up to 250# - Specify -64 in your part number for the 250# Steam Trim (MPTFE Seats & Packing)

What are the best applications for Apollo 76-100 Ball Valves?

Like most ball valves, Apollo 76-100 series valves are used for air, liquid, gas, and steam applications.

What options are available for Apollo 76-100 Ball Valves?

There is a wide range of options available for Apollo 76-100 ball valves:

Suffix Option
-01 Standard Configuration
-02 Stem Grounded
-04 2-1/4” Stem Extension (Carbon Steel, Zinc Plated)
-07 Steel Tee Handle
-08 90º Reversed Stem
-14 Side Vented Ball (Uni-Directional)
-15 Wheel Handle, Steel
-16 Chain Lever - Vertical (3/4" to 2" only)
-19 Lock Plate
-21 UHMWPE Trim (Non-PTFE)
-24 Graphite Packing, PTFE Body Seal, RPTFE Bearing (API 607, 6th Edition, ISO 10497:2010)
-27 SS Latch-Lock Lever & Nut
-30 Cam-Lock and Grounded
-32 SS Tee Handle & Nut
-35 PTFE Trim
-39 SS Hi-Rise Locking Wheel Handle, SS Nut
-40 Cyl-Loc and Grounded
-44 Seal Welded
-45 Less Lever & Nut
-46 Latch Lock Lever - Lock in Closed Position Only
-47 SS Latch Lock Oval Handle
-48 SS Oval Handle (No Latch) & Nut
-49 No Lubrication. Assembled Dry
-50 2-1/4” CS Locking Stem Extension
-57 Oxygen Cleaned
-58 Chain Lever - Horizontal (3/4" to 2" only)
-60 Static Grounded Ball & Stem
-64 250# Steam Trim (MPTFE Seats & Packing)
-GS CSA CGA 3.16
-UA AIS (American Iron & Steel) Compliant
-P-01- BSPT (Parallel) Thread Connection (1/4" to 2" only)
-T-01- BSPT (Tapered) Thread Connection (1/4" to 2" only)

For complete technical information, including Pressure and Temperature Limits, Nominal capacities, and more, download the Apollo 76-100 Series Ball Valve Specification Sheet.

How to specify an Apollo 76-100 Series Ball Valve?

To specify an option, replace the “01” standard suffix with the suffix of the option. You can specify multiple options by replacing the “01” standard suffix with the desired suffix in the numerical order of the options shown above. Please note that not all options can be combined together. 

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Are there 76-100 Spare Parts available?

Yes, there are a variety of spare parts for Apollo 76-100 valves. Service kits are available that include Seats, Stem Packing, and Steam Bearing. While not often replaced, balls and stems are also available for purchase separately.

  • Service Kits Seats, Stem Packing, and Steam Bearing (RPTFE)
  • Balls Stainless Steel, slotted vent
  • Stems Stainless Steel
Apollo 76-100 Ball Valve Size Service Kit Spare Part Ball Spare Part Stem Spare Part
Apollo 76-101-xxA (1/4") 7000201 K318509 G240506
Apollo 76-102-xxA (3/8") 7000201 K318509 G240506
Apollo 76-103-xxA (1/2") 7000301 K318709 G240606
Apollo 76-104-xxA (3/4") 7000401 K318809 G240706
Apollo 76-105-xxA (1") 7000501 K318909 G240706
Apollo 76-106-xx (1-1/4") 7000601 K319009 G240806
Apollo 76-107-xx (1-1/2") 7000701 K319100 G240806
Apollo 76-108-xx (2") 7000801 K319200 G240806
Apollo 76-109-xx (2-1/2")  7000901 K319300 G240906
Apollo 76-100-xx (3") 7000901 K319300 G240906

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