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Donaldson Filtration Distributor

Donaldson Filters

Donaldson Filter Products:
- Air Intake
- Bulk Fluids
- Mufflers
- SealClamp
- Fuel
- Hydraulics
- Lube

- Engine: air intake, lube, fuel, coolant filters
- Mufflers and exhaust systems
- Hydraulic filters

Cooney Brothers is proud to be an authorized distributor for Donaldson Filters. Through our partnership, you get personalized service and long-term support on all Donaldson products.

Why Choose Donaldson Filters?

Over 100 years of experience in filtration innovation and expertise.

Thousands of filter elements, filter media and parts are in stock and ready to ship in 24 hours.

Innovative designs focus on energy-efficient operation and reliable performance to lengthen shelf life, minimize product spoilage and reduce operating expenses and downtime.

Dedication to product quality is evident through the 50+ quality certifications held, including TS, IATF, ISO and AS.

Pre and post- sale technical support via Cooney Brothers and Donaldson's experts.

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