Cooney Brothers



Serving Our Customers


Cooney Brothers is your partner in business solutions with specialty products, deep product knowledge and diagnostic services that drive your day-to-day business. Serving industrial plants, institutions, Original Equipment Manufacturers and contractors, Cooney's reputation of responsiveness and above-and-beyond service has made it a leader in PVF and plumbing distribution.


  • Dedicated stocking programs eliminate supply chain disruptions, ensuring immediate availability of critical items.
  • Vendor managed inventory programs reduce your cost.
  • Storeroom organization, labeling and standardization to improve efficiency and reduce obsolescence. 
  • Strong vendor relationships ensure competitive pricing.
  • Programs are custom designed to meet your requirements.


Cooney Brothers supports universities, hospitals, prisons and other campus-type institutions, from boiler rooms, to mechanical rooms, labs, research facilities, food prep areas and patient rooms. We stock and recommend the application of all types of commercial plumbing and pipe, valve, and fitting products, using in-house expertise combined with strong factory support.


  • Complete industrial PVF and Plumbing source, from the most basic to the most difficult to find.
  • All types of plants - from small to large, and in many industries.
  • Customers including chemical plants and sanitary.
  • Storeroom organization, labeling and standardization to improve efficiency and reduce obsolescence.
  • Services such as vendor managed inventory, on-site training and diagnostic services reduce your costs associated with MRO.
  • Programs built to your needs, so you can focus on your business.


Cooney Brothers supplies the Food and Beverage and Pharmaceutical industries with a wide range of specialized products. Products range from basic pipe and fittings to valves, pumps, heat exchangers, hoses and more. But more important than the product is the combination of expertise and service that we bring to provide solutions that improve your business.


Cooney Brothers provides rapid delivery, direct to your site, simplified sourcing, and competitive pricing, all designed to help you get your job done on time and within budget.  From Mechanical Contractors, HVAC and Plumbers, to Elevator Contractors and General Contractors, you can rely on Cooney Brothers.


On the Friday afternoon before Labor Day weekend, Cooney Brothers received a call from a food processing plant that was going into a weekend shutdown. The plant needed a quantity of ProPress stainless pipe, valves, and fittings. While Cooney had no history with this customer, immediate steps were taken to get the customer everything they needed to complete the job. A truck was loaded with stock material for a Cooney representative to deliver early the next morning. The balance of the material was ordered from the manufacturer, to ship from their West Coast facility, for Saturday early AM delivery. The project was completed that weekend.