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For greater control over user purchasing ability within an organization, Cooney Brothers offers three levels of access for users: Administrative Users, Authorized Purchasing Agents, and General Users. Watch the video above for an overview of what each role can do.


Video Transcript

Hello and welcome to the Cooney Brothers How To Video Series.

In this video we will cover organizational user roles available on the website.

There are three levels of access users can be assigned on the website: an Administrative User, an Authorized Purchasing Agent, and a General User.

The highest level of access is available to the Administrative User, also known as a Super User.

An Administrative User has full control over other the users within their organization. They can create new users, edit users, and remove users. Admin Users can set the appropriate level of access for all their users by assigning roles, which controls who can buy, what locations they can buy for, and what ship-tos are available to each user.

Administrative Users also have the full abilities of the mid-level access role, an Authorized Purchasing Agent. By default new users for existing customers are assigned the role of an Authorized Purchasing Agent.

While an Authorized Purchasing Agent cannot edit other users, they do have the ability to buy items, approve saved carts created by General Users, add and edit credit cards, and access account statements. Purchasing Agents have full use of the site, same as our base level user, a General User.

A General User can search the site, add and edit part numbers, and create carts and lists, however, they cannot checkout to complete a purchase. A General User would need to create a cart and submit to an Authorized Purchasing Agent or Administrative User for approval.

If you are interested in setting up User Roles for your organization, the first step is to determine who would be the Administrative User. (You can have multiple Admins!) Then contact Cooney Brothers by calling 610-272-2100, extension 333 or sending an email to We will be glad to set up the administrative user and answer any other questions you may have.

Thank you for watching our User Roles video.


Managing Users as an Admin

Administrative Users have full control over other users within their organization, including adding new users, editing users and disabling users. Watch the video to learn more.

Cart Approvals 

Since General Users are not permitted to checkout on the website, to make a purchase they must submit their cart for approval. Watch this video to learn how to approve their carts.

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