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Drip Pan Elbow Installation Guidelines

Posted on Monday Mar 02, 2020 in PVFundamentals


What is a Drip Pan Elbow?

A Drip Pan Elbow is a specialty elbow fitting configured with a pan at the top that is used to collect and remove condensate in steam systems. For use with safety relief valves, the drip pan elbow provides a self-draining outlet to assure unrestricted discharge, and keeps the safety valve from filling with water. Drip Pan Elbows can improve the performance and extend the life of the safety valve by “alleviating axial loads on the valve, which could impair its operation and shut off.”

Drip Pan Elbow Installation Guidelines

Spirax Sarco, a leader in steam solutions manufacturers drip pan elbows. Their DPE series is made from cast iron, and is available in sizes ¾” to 4” with FNPT connections, as well as sizes 6” and 8” with ANSI 125 Flanged connections. For proper installation, Spirax Sarco recommends that the drip pan elbow be connected to the discharge connection of the safety/relief valve by a short pipe nipple. Flanged valves 4" and smaller will require a companion flange and short nipple the same size as the valve outlet. The drain connection on the bottom of the elbow should be piped to waste. Please refer to ASME code for additional installation details.

Spirax Sarco Drip Pan Elbow Drawings

Cooney Brothers is a Spirax Sarco authorized distributor. As one of their largest stocking distributors in the US, we carry Drip Pan Elbows and other steam accessories. Use our See full Drip Pan Elbow specifications and shop Spirax Sarco DPE series online now. Please contact us with any questions.

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