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The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas: Day 8, Washdown Stations

Posted on Monday, Dec 16, 2019 in PVFundamentals
Cooney Christmas Day 8 Washdown Stations

As we count down the days to Christmas, we’ve re-imagined the classic 12 Days of Christmas song! Check back tomorrow, Tuesday, December 17th for a new verse of our updated song.

The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas

On the eighth day of Christmas Cooney Brothers sold to me

Eight Washdown Stations

Seven Pressure Gauges

Six Clamp End Fittings

Five Urinals

Four Bronze Ball Valves

Five Urinals

Three lengths of pipe

A pump for condensate recovery

Washdown Solutions: The Cooney Hose Station

In highly regulated industries, such as pharmaceutical plants and food and beverage production, cleaning using methods like the good old mop and bucket are unable to completely remove grime and risk cross-contamination. Washdown stations are a common solution to this issue. Using a high-pressure cleaning process, with steam, water and/or chemicals, bacteria and other microorganisms are properly killed.

The Cooney Hose Station line was introduced in 1981. Our patented high performance hot and cold water washdown stations are designed to meet state and federal sanitary washdown requirements across food, beverage, chemical, and pharmaceutical facilities.

Cooney Hose stations are wall mounted with stainless steel removable rack. Additional options include:

  • Bronze or chrome plated body
  • 125# or 150# Globe valves
  • 150# Check valves
  • Temperature gauges
  • Vacuum breakers
  • Flow control
  • Heavy-duty black steam (388° F) or white washdown hose assembly (200° F), lengths of 25 ft and 50 ft available and include 3/4 MNPT swivel to attach to Cooney Hose Station on one end, 1/2 MNPT swivel to connect to S151BL hose nozzle on the other end.
  • Bronze Spray Nozzle (Model S151BL) features bronze and stainless steel construction to ensure reliable performance and extended product life. It features a variable spray pattern that adjusts from a soft spray to a solid stream simply by depressing the lever. The rear mounted lever helps to ease operation during extended periods of use and reduces finger cramping.

Contact us for a quote or more information about hose and washdown stations.