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Cooney Brothers Celebrates 85th Anniversary in 2022

Posted on Tuesday, Jan 18, 2022 in News
Cooney Brothers 85th Anniversary

3rd Generation Family-Owned PVF Distributor Celebrates 85 Years

Cooney Brothers is proud to celebrate our 85th year in business in 2022!

Cooney Brothers is a 3rd generation, family-owned and operated distributor of pipe, valves and fittings, started in 1937 by Francis Cooney and James Cooney, in Philadelphia, PA. As the business was handed off to the next generation, William E Cooney III took over. His children, Gerry Cooney and William E Cooney IV (you might know him as Bill), run the business today, however their sister, Marion Cooney Valaro, was company President for approximately 20 years, retiring in 2012.

Did you know Cooney's distribution ties go even further back? William E Cooney I was the co-founder of McArdle & Cooney, a wholesale PVF distributor from which Cooney Brothers evolved.

From the beginning Cooney Brothers has been dedicated to providing jump-through-hoops service for its customers. Over the years, we've expanded not only our service area from the Mid-Atlantic region to all over the globe, but also the products we sell. Today Cooney Brothers specializes in Institutional plumbing, sanitary, and steam. 

President of Cooney Brothers, Gerry Cooney, reflects on this anniversary:

“Reaching the 85 year milestone is something we’re very proud of. We are also very grateful – to so many dedicated Cooney Brothers employees, past and present. Over 50% of our current employees have been with the company for over 20 years. That’s dedication and loyalty! This journey has been dependent on so many great customers, and vendors – we’re thankful to you also! And it gives us great satisfaction to know that we’ve prospered in an industry that has faced so many challenges, and required so many adaptations over the decades. We’ve embraced technology, and we’re extremely proud of our award winning E-commerce website. We have complete faith that it will be one of the most important components to our success in the decades ahead. If our father and grandfather were living, they’d be stunned at how the company has successfully expanded into the world of Steam Specialty and Sanitary products. And I suspect they’d be flabbergasted at the unique capability that we’ve developed within Cooney Manufacturing Company, which is the thing that distinguishes us most of all!”


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  • 1937: Cooney Brothers is established on Lehigh Avenue in Philadelphia, PA
  • 1946: Cooney is incorporated and relocates to North Fifth St., Philadelphia, PA
  • 1981: The Cooney Hose Station Line is introduced
  • 1987: Cooney Manufacturing Division is created
  • 1993: Our first patent is awarded for the Automix Hose Station
  • 1996: We relocate to Plymouth Meeting, PA
  • 2000: Create Cooney Manufacturing as LLC
  • 2001: Cooney Manufacturing relocates to East Norriton, PA
  • 2005: The company becomes a member of AD
  • 2006: Cooney joins SupplyForce
  • 2006: Cooney Manufacturing expands and relocates to Pottstown, PA
  • 2017: Cooney Brothers launches our first eCommerce Website
  • 2021: Cooney Brothers launches its second generation eCommerce Website