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The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas: Day 4, Apollo Bronze Ball Valves

Posted on Tuesday, Dec 10, 2019 in PVFundamentals
Cooney Christmas Day 4 Apollo Ball Valves

As we count down the days to Christmas, we’ve re-imagined the classic 12 Days of Christmas song! Check back tomorrow, Wednesday, December 11th for a new verse of our updated song.

The Cooney 12 Days of Christmas

On the fourth day of Christmas Cooney Brothers sold to me

Four Bronze Ball Valves

Three lengths of Pipe

Two RIDGID Wrenches, and

A pump for condensate recovery

Apollo Bronze Ball Valves

Made by a variety of manufactures, Bronze Ball Valves are quite common, however one is clearly recognizable with its bright yellow handle and script font. Apollo Conbraco standard bronze ball valves feature a zinc-plated steel lever handle with securely attached vinyl grip and hole for tagging. Rated up to 600 psig WOG cold and 150 psig for saturated steam, these ball valves offer a 90 degree (quarter turn operation), chrome-plated brass ball, RPTFE seats, seals, and stem bearing, and a blowout-proof stem. Conbraco’s most versatile, most used ball valve is the Apollo 70-100 bronze ball valve series, which is available in sizes from ¼ in to 4 in.

The Apollo 70-100-27 series is similar to the 70-100 but has an optional latch-lock handle that can be secured in an open or closed position, reducing the risk of accidents.

The Apollo 70-200 series features a solder-end design for soft-soldering into lines without disassembly so the valve can be installed without disturbing seats and seals.

The Apollo 70-600 and 70-900 series are 3-way diverter valves featuring large ports making them a perfect choice for tank selection or fluid transfer applications.

The Apollo 71-100 series valves include a mounting pad for optional spring-return handle, actuator or panel mounting.

The Apollo 77-100 and Apollo 77-200 series feature a full-port design for full flow and minimum pressure drop. Available with threaded or solder ends, these valves also include a cast-in mounting pad.

The Apollo 77C series feature a solid chrome-plated ball which enhances flow characteristics.

Many series come in lead free versions, denoted by LF in the series name.

Apollo Bronze Ball Valves are also available in specialty configurations, such as with tube extensions designed for use with the Viega ProPress system (77C-200-A0 series) and version that includes dust cover and chain (78 -100 and 78-200 series), UL rated (80-100/200) or SAE rated (77-900) versions, 3-piece versions which allow for in-line repair and cleaning (82-100/200), and many others. Cooney Brothers is proud to be an authorized distributor for Apollo valves. Shop Apollo valve products or contact us for more information or a quote.