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Anvil Gruvlok Inventory Expanded

Posted on Wednesday, Apr 17, 2019 in News

Cooney Brothers is proud to announce that we've tripled our stock of Anvil's Gruvlok products. With our new stocking program, pricing has been greatly reduced.

Why choose Gruvlok Mechanical Piping Products?

  • Easily crosses to Victaulic (up to 12")
  • Specification compliance assistance 
  • Made in the USA, with most products manufactured in Pennsylvania

Stocked Gruvlok Products include:

  • Painted Couplings, Flanges, and Pipe Fittings for groove-end pipe
  • Butterfly valves, Check valves, Y-Strainers

Additional Gruvlok Products include:

  • Galvanized Grooved fittings, up to 24" 
  • Stainless Steel and CTS Copper 
  • Roll Groover Machines 
  • Buy new, refurbished; Rentals also available 
  • and more