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Spirax Sarco Spira-trol Control Valves

Designed to meet the demands of today’s industries, the Spirax Sarco Spira-trol™ control valve is robust, innovative and cost effective.

Adaptable to your needs - a highly flexible modular design to meet your process requirements

Set and forget - designed for steam and other industrial fluids giving exceptional valve life, easy commissioning and low maintenance requirements

Improved working environments - noise and emission reducing options

Available in a wide range of sizes and connections

Spira-trolTM has been used effectively across many industries.

Adaptable to your process requirements

The Spira-trol control valve has a modular design concept, which can incorporate many options within a single body envelope. This leads to a low number of components and a highly flexible system, where one valve can satisfy the needs of numerous industrial requirements. The outcome for the user is a general service control valve with an exceptionally low cost of ownership.

Pneumatic actuation: Spira-trol with PN9000 Actuator and SP500 Smart Positioner: For applications where pneumatic actuation is preferred, we have a range of pneumatic diaphragm actuators to suit a wide variety of differential pressures and applications. To ensure your plant is safe in the event of air failure they are available in either a spring-to-close or spring- to-open configuration, a handwheel is available as an option if required. Electro-pneumatic smart positioners allow your control system to communicate effectively with the valve assembly via one of our class leading SP400 or SP500 positioners.

Spira-trol™ with AEL6 Smart Electric Actuator Safe, smart and green electric actuation: With increasing pressure on companies to reduce carbon emissions, there is an increasing demand for electrically actuated valves. They consume less energy and produce fewer carbon emissions over their lifetime when compared to pneumatic actuators. The AEL6 series also features higher positioning speeds comparable to pneumatic actuators. An optional supercapacitor fail-safe device is available, which means that this actuator may be used on applications where previously only pneumatic actuation was suitable.

Electric actuation: AEL5 Electric Actuator: The AEL5 is a robust and user friendly actuator which is easy to install and commission, reducing total cost of ownership. • Aluminium support for board and accessories - Highly durable and sturdy support for holding and / or fitting accessories • User friendly adjustment of cams with stroke scale - precise valve setting • User friendly valve stem connection - simple and securely locked connection to the valve stem minimising installation time.

Spira-trol™ with TN2000 Actuator and SP500 Smart Positioner Higher pressure and temperature general service applications: For higher pressure general service applications Spira-trol™ valves are available in a range of materials including alloy steel in sizes from DN15 to DN300 (½"- 12"). A range of trims including low-noise for gas applications, anti-cavitation for liquid applications and a balanced plug for optimised actuator selection are available. Coupled with our range of electric or pneumatic actuators and traditional or smart positioners we can provide a complete control valve assembly to suit your requirements.

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