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Samoa Air Operated Double Diaphragm Pumps

Headquartered in in Spain, Samoa is the largest air-pump manufacturer in Europe. All components are made and assembled in Spain, allowing for faster lead-times while achieving environmental sustainability. 

Samoa makes the most efficient air powered diagrhagm pump on the market, with 30 - 60% less air consumed! 

Watch the video below for how the Samoa 1" AODD DP200 Pump beats how the competition in an air consumption test.

Why choose a Samoa Diaphragm Pump?

Patented cartridge design:
Reduced air consumption compared to competitive pumps.

Can be serviced in-line.

No dynamic mechanical seals or packings:
No seals to leak! No sliding spool O-Rings to wear out!

Dry-running capacity and dry self-priming.

Can pump clean fluids or fluids with suspended solids.

Best pump for abrasive, corrosive and shear sensitive fluids.

Air driving pump:
No electricity required. Not an electrical hazard.

On-demand operation:
Pump stops when fluid outlet closes and automatically starts when the fluid outlet opens.

Adjustable flow and head pressure with only an air pressure regulator.


Processes: Tank loading/unloading, batching/mixing, coating, filling, re-circulation, sumping, dewatering, fluid filtration, general transfer

Industries: Chemical manufacturing and blending, paints/coatings, print/packaging, pulp/paper, mining, oil/gas, textiles, ceramics, marine/shipbuilding, semi-conductors, waste/waste water, energy, pharmaceutical, general manufacturing

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